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“Chelsea is an excellent teacher for all ages, from the very young to adults with all levels of experience.  Her commitment to music and proper technique harkens to her tenure as a dancer in the Mark Morris Dance Group, her inclusive approach  makes any student welcome, and her joy and passion for dance resonates especially with aspiring young dancers looking to find their own creative voice.”  

-Sarah Marcus; Director of Education: Mark Morris Dance Group.

“I have two children, 4 and 7. Both of them have enjoyed taking class with Miss Chelsea. Her passion for dance leaves quite the impression . She has a whimsical and approachable style of teaching that engages and excites children. My children have nothing but rave reviews of their time in class. I would highly recommend Chelsea. Just ask anyone who has had the pleasure of igniting their inner dancer. “  -Heather Persico; parent.

“Miss Chelsea is a natural with children. She not only introduced my daughter to dance and movement, she taught her confidence. Her classes incorporate books, music, dance and most importantly the message that it’s about having fun.” -Jessica Grogan; parent. 

“I loved having Chelsea Acree as a dance teacher. She was one of my favorite instructors by far. I thoroughly enjoyed her technique and teaching styles. Her choreography is unique and engaging for dancers and viewers alike.”  

-Hunter Schofield; student.

“Chelsea is a thoughtful, sympathetic, loving teacher and is amazing with kids. She is very intelligent in her field of dance and is a great teacher to be taught from. As a previous student of hers, I personally know that she has a bubbly personality, is a beautiful dancer and choreographer.”-Keira Seaman; student.

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